During the final performance I used all the recordings I had made throughout the night, played back on the two cassette players and from the laptop. I manipulated the sounds with basic eq and panning on the mixer, changing tape speed and some use of the delay pedal both for echo and looping. Some sounds were also sent to the third speaker, which resonated the marbles within the cone.

A recording of the final performance will be available here when I have the oportunity to upload it.

Below is a clip of the performance. Many thanks to Louis McDonald for filming and uploading.


Recording using speakers as microphones, with feedback through cymbals. Recorded with Zoom H4.

02:35 Marbles

May 30, 2010

Recording of marbles on a 15″ speaker cone, used as a microphone, alongside a dynamic mic.

Improvised recording with balloons, mic feedback and DC motor.

Recording with both dynamic microphone and induction coil of electric drill. I noticed that the tones produced by each were different and sometimes resulted in tonal chords.

Two recordings of audible radio signals from around the mill combined into a composition.

Typewriter while transcribing first walk around the space.